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This site is a collection of guides for highly requested and searched features that you can do with Shopify, but there isn't a lot of documentation on. I love hearing comments and feedback on the current guides, how they can be made better, and what new ideas you would love to see.

I started learning to code while working at Shopify and I have been practicing a ton while working on a number of projects.

I plan to blog about HTML, CSS, JS, and Ruby on Rails. If there are any guides you would like to see, please reach out on the About page.

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by: Dylan Hunt | Published: August 16, 2016 14:14

Do you need to update your blog to add a meta description, or add authentication to users? Use this simple line in the terminal to make a new migration so you can update your db.

Once you run that, head down to db > migrate and modify your migration.

For more information on migrations click here


by: Dylan Hunt | Published: August 15, 2016 20:13

Collecting money online is a lot more simple these days than it used to be. With Stripe you can accept credit cards through your rails app with a simple gem. Let's start by installing the Stripe Gem:

Then, run bundle install to install the gem.

Next, generate a new Charges controller:

The controller does two things:

Shows a credit card form (using Checkout).

Creates the actual charges by calling our API.

Now Add two actions to the controller:

To be continued....Follow the rest of the guide here


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