Show all Colors of a product as separate products on the collection page

Posted By: Dylan Hunt

Published: May 16, 2018 17:12

Before reading this, please note I also made a video on how to do this. I have embedded it here to see if it helps a bit more than the code itself since all themes are so different.

Alright, I see a lot of people asking for this and wanted to provide a guide to help anyone looking to do this. If you have a product such as a swimwuit that has 10 colors, you may want to keep it as one product, but to make your collection page look more 'full', so here is how you can turn that one product into 10 different ones on the collection page, but have the product page stay the same as one product with many variants.

You'll need to update your product loop to change the information to update to the right variant URL's and such, but that part above is the most complex. Comment below if you're struggling.

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